Is Root Canal Treatment Painful?

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Root canal treatment (endodontic therapy) is a dental treatment effective in removing infection from a tooth. The root canal treatment helps protect the tooth from future complicated infections. Due to technological advancement and endodontic techniques, root canal treatment has gained enormous attention over the recent few years. The therapy is primarily used to remove infection from a tooth’s pulp, and most people believe it is a very painful procedure. So, in this article, we’ve explored the procedure and technique of root canal treatment while breaking some common myths about root canal treatment.

About Root Canal Treatment

A root canal treatment is a treatment inside the hollow section of a tooth that contains nerve tissue, blood vessels, and pulp, including the other cells. As we know a tooth consists of a crown and roots where the crown is mainly the above portion of the gum while the roots are below the crown. Inside the crown and root of the tooth, a root canal is present which is often known by the name of pulp. The pulp, and root canal provide moisture and nourish the tooth surrounding materials. The tooth’s nerves can sense hot and cold temperatures including the pain.

The treatment happens inside the tooth which is commonly known by the name of the root canal treatment.

How Painful Is a Root Canal Treatment?

Fear is one of the greatest factors that force people to step out of the root canal treatment. People believe that the root canal treatment procedure is very painful and complicated as the treatment is to happen inside the tooth. Here, the interesting thing is that people don’t know from where the pain arises.

Highlighting the information carried out by the trained dental surgeon, the pain that people feel during the root canal treatment comes from the infection in the pulp, not from the treatment. Treating root canals is not painful and complicated as the procedure starts with numbing the tooth and surrounding the tooth area with anaesthesia.

However, after the treatment swelling in the gums or tenderness is normal but temporary, and after medication, a person may get relief from it.

What Are the Steps of Root Canal Treatment?

Cleaning of Root Canal: The first root canal treatment procedure starts with removing everything including the damaged pulp tissue inside the root canal. A trained surgeon does it with the help of local anaesthesia.

Filling the root canal: After making a small hole in the teeth, the dentist shapes and decontaminates the area and fills it with a rubber-like material with the help of adhesive cement.

Adding a crown or filling: After filling the root canal, the tooth becomes more fragile, so adding a crown or filling offers extra protection.


Persistent pain inside the tooth (the pulp) is an indication of infected or damaged tooth pulp. Even a minor infection in the tooth pulp can lead to severe complications if left untreated. The complication includes swelling in the gums, face, neck, and floor of the mouth.  Sometimes, the infection may also enter the bloodstream and cause many oral health complications. These types of pulp infections must be treated at an early stage to avoid future complications. The treatment of a root canal is a completely safe procedure to prevent the tooth pulp from getting infected. To get the best root canal treatment in Gurgaon, visit Thyme Dental Clinic, where the top dental surgeon Dr. Alka Yadav, will uncover the problem and address it promptly.

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