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In simple words, braces treatment is indicated to correct the malalignment of your teeth.

  • Need For Braces

    - Improves overall appearance, and the patient smiles more confidently, thus boosting his overall confidence

    - Crooked, malaligned teeth are harder to keep clean

    - Are at higher risk of developing tooth decay and gum diseases

    - Spacing in between teeth can lead to speech problems

    - These teeth can cause higher stress of chewing muscles at times leading to headache, jaw pain, etc

    - Braces treatment thus improves the appearance as well as functioning of teeth. Gone are the days when braces treatment was limited only to children. Braces treatment can be sought by anyone irrespective of his/her age group.

  • Types of Braces

    Metal Braces- Most popular among children. In this type of treatment, metal brackets are put on teeth for several months to achieve desired results.

    Ceramic Braces- Preferred treatment option in adults and older teenagers. They are tooth colored and thus, less visible on your teeth.

    Aligners- Includes a set of removable transparent trays, which needs to be worn throughout the day (except eating and brushing). Thus, this technique straightens teeth without using wire and brackets


    Highly esthetic

    Easier to maintain oral hygiene

    Lingual Braces- These are metal braces, but they are placed from inside ( towards tongue). Thus, they are not visible from outside and thus, are highly esthetic.

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