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Oral health is a vital part of overall health and is ignored by many. People must understand the necessity of regular dental checkups as it helps to prevent a range of dental concerns, including periodontal disease, tooth decay, and tooth stains. Nowadays, people ignore visiting a dental clinic regularly because of their busy schedules. Still, dental appointments with the best dentist not only address an issue but also help prevent many severe complications in the future. Maintaining your teeth is a lifelong commitment and can be done through regular dental checkups. 

Most common dental problems

Dental problems can be troublesome, but most can be easily treated, prevented, and managed. Caring for teeth is as vital as caring for well-being, as teeth health is associated with your heart, maintaining sugar levels, and averting cancer. It is essential to educate yourself about many common dental issues and their causes, along with the need to visit the best dentist to tackle them on time, as if left untreated, they can cause many severe conditions. Many common dental problems can be prevented and are seen in many people at some stage of their life. When you experience any of the listed problems, it is better to visit the dental clinic early. Some common dental issues are : 

Tooth decay

 It is the most common dental issue and is also known as dental cavities, the best dentist sees in patients. It is a condition that develops when bacteria form a film called plaque, and the bacteria produce acids from the sugars and acids in the foods. The acid permanently damages the tooth’s enamel and starts working on the softer dentin layer. Dental care starts with assessing the extent of tooth decay and recommending a course of action. Your visit to the best dental clinic will help you to treat the condition with crowns, fillings, or a root canal. Regular checkups with the best dentist will help the plaque scraped from the teeth. 

Gum disease

Early-stage gingivitis is a mild form of gum or periodontal disease and is a bacteria infection that is caused owing to plaque buildup. Some common and early symptoms of the condition include red, swollen, and bleeding gums. A person may experience bad breath and sensitive teeth that hurt while chewing. You are at more risk of developing this dental issue if you are pregnant, diabetic, or else using tobacco. A visit to the dentist will help you treat gingivitis with a thorough cleaning by experts and prevent it from coming back. If left untreated, gingivitis can become a more severe dental condition known as periodontitis, leading to bone and tissue damage that prevents teeth from infecting.

Bad breath

It is the most common and embarrassing condition and the most distressing one. It can be caused by many factors like poor oral hygiene, dry mouth, medications, infection, acid reflux, and cancer. Spices and garlic are the most common culprits of this dental condition, and your best dentist will do a complete assessment and prescribe everyday actions that suit you. 

Sensitive teeth

Tooth sensitivity, also known as dentin hypersensitivity, can be caused by many factors like gum disease, root infection, enamel erosion, cracked or broken teeth, receding gums, and the enamel layer of teeth is naturally thin. Your dentist will give you specific kinds of toothpaste and mouthwash that are for use with sensitive teeth. They may also recommend a fluoride treatment, gum graft, or root canal, as per the requirement and depending upon the severity of your case. 

Cracked or broken teeth

Cracked or broken teeth are often caused by chewing hard foods, any kind of injury, mouth piercings, and grinding of teeth while sleeping. The condition can cause severe pain and depends upon the extent of the damage. It is vital for you to visit the best dental clinic to get treated by a dentist as soon as possible. They will help you to fix the issue by veneer, crown, or by the use of tooth coloring filling.

Receding gums

It is a dental condition caused by and linked to many other common dental issues. The condition can also lead to losing a tooth because it exposes the delicate root of the tooth, making it more susceptible to damage. It can be caused by many factors like poor oral hygiene, high BP, tooth brushing too hard, hormonal fluctuations in women, and smoking. The condition can also be genetic, and a proper dental checkup is needed for it, along with thorough teeth cleaning in a dental clinic by experts. Many severe cases need gum grafting or other forms of surgery. 

Root infection

 This Dental condition develops when the base or root of the tooth becomes infected and swollen with bacteria because of cavities, cracks, or fractures in the tooth. Root infection, if left untreated, can lead to damaged tissues and nerves of teeth and also develop abscesses. One sign of the root infection is chronic toothache in which chewing and biting are painful, and some areas of the face can also become swollen. Dentists will treat the condition with a root canal, which is a safe and minimal pain process. 

Enamel erosion

It is a dental condition that develops slowly and leaves teeth discolored and rounded looking. The leading cause of the condition is consuming sugary and acidic food regularly. The condition makes your teeth very sensitive, weaker, and also more prone to cracks, chips, and cupping. It can be managed by cutting back on sugar and acidic food and by using soft toothbrushes. The dentist can help you to improve your appearance with dental veneers. 

Teeth grinding

It is also another dental problem, also known as Bruxism, and occurs mainly when you sleep. It can damage your teeth and can cause you to develop jaw pain, and also lead to headaches and earaches. Some dental conditions, like new crowns or fillings, lead to grinding and an abnormal bite. People suffer from this dental condition if they have anxiety or a sleep disorder. The best dentist can give you a custom-based mouthguard to use at night and also help you to minimize the grinding and offer some protection to teeth.

Dental conditions are common, and visiting the dentist is the only way to manage them. Dental problems can affect self-confidence, general health, and the quality of life of many. Reach out at Thyme Dental clinic, one of the best dental clinics in Gurgaon, to get all types of treatments and have a routine dental checkup. 

It is a multi-specialty dental clinic in Golf Road in Gurgaon that is equipped with state-of-the-art technologies. And the best dentist, Dr. Alka Yadav, provides world-class treatment to her patients at an affordable price. She is among the Best Dentists in India who keeps updating her knowledge and skills with the latest developments in dentistry and provides the best treatment to her patients. Keep in mind that there really is no better place to assist you in keeping on top of your oral health than your dentist, so take your oral health seriously and visit the dental clinic regularly to discuss various concerns and get treatment at the earliest.

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