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If you are one of those people who need braces, then you need clarification about the type of braces that would be best to straighten the teeth without feeling embarrassed or interrupted. Your visit to the dentist will help you to make a choice among many types of braces. However, it is undoubtedly a big deal to decide the type of braces that suits you as it will impact your long-term oral health and potentially your confidence and emotional well-being. 

What are braces? 

Dental braces are vital tools that help correct problems with your teeth if you have issues like crooked teeth, crowding, or teeth that are out of alignment. Teenagers, adults as well as children  get braces done, to treat many dental related issues. After successfully completing the braces procedure as you wear them, they will slowly straighten and align your teeth. Braces are the most noticeable feature of your face, so you need to accept them gracefully as braces; once installed, then there is no going back. Metal braces were the most popular option for many years, but now people can also choose from ceramic braces and invisible braces. 

All about the process of braces

Braces are a vital investment for your teeth and smile; however, the process differs from anything else. If you are seeking to get braces soon, be prepared for them in advance. The foremost important thing is to become informed, as braces are not something you should be anxious about. As it is an unfamiliar process for everyone, and starting a thing that is unknown to you will increase your anxiety towards it. The more you know about the braces, the more you will feel comfortable throughout the entire braces procedure

How to get fully informed about braces?

Searching all about braces is a good start but talk to your orthodontist about braces, as they are the experts who will help you to get informed. Braces apply mild pressure to shift your teeth slowly. It is normal to feel slight discomfort, but the doctor will prescribe you an over-the-counter pain reliever that can help you to be comfortable. 

In what way do braces help you?

Braces are the proven and best treatment to straighten teeth for children, teenagers, and adults. There are many dental clinics in Gurgaon that offer world-class dental treatment to people who understand oral health and strive to offer the best dental care treatments to all. There are many people who avoid getting braces as it involves headgear or thick wires that can disrupt their social, personal, and professional lives. This made them more prone to various dental problems, and they had to hide their smiles. The main objective of braces is to apply constant pressure over a long time and to move teeth in a direction determined by the dentist slowly.

They help to solve many dental issues like : 

Gaps between teeth


Misshapen teeth




What are the different types of braces?

Braces are the most common way to straighten your teeth and to correct misaligned teeth. Nowadays, there are many types of braces other than shiny mouthfuls of metal.  We have listed below:

  1. Metal braces
  2. Ceramic braces 
  3. Lingual braces
  4. Self-ligating braces
  5. Invisalign or clear aligners

Why Ceramic and invisible braces are most common nowadays ?

All about ceramic braces

Ceramic braces usage is the same as metal braces but is made up of clear or tooth-colored ceramic material. There are many people, nowadays, who choose ceramic braces over metal braces because they are less obvious. This type of braces is for those who require braces but do not wish to feel self-conscious or embarrassed about putting them on. However, ceramic braces are less noticeable but still do their job perfectly. The material helps prevent it from being seen from afar and is not easily visible in photos too. To lower the visibility, these are coated with a compound that matches the colour of the teeth and thus does not change daily lives. There are many advantages of ceramic braces listed below:

  1. Ceramic braces are less painful and do not irritate gums as compared to traditional braces.
  2. These are less visible and faster options. 
  3. These types of braces have semi-translucent brackets made of ceramic which are much better for white teeth. Ceramic braces either have tooth-colored ceramic that is best for slightly darker teeth.
  4. Ceramic braces blend well in both above-mentioned ways.
  5. These braces do not chip or break and are long-lasting as they are hard to damage.
  6. Ceramic braces are the best option for people who have metal allergies and also for those who need medical imaging tests. 
  7. However, ceramic braces are a little more expensive than metal braces but are still a cost-effective method of fixing dental issues when compared to others. 

 All about invisible braces/ Invisalign or clear aligners

Invisalign or clear aligners are the best options for adults and teens as these are custom-built for a tight fit. These types of invisible braces are used by doctors for patients who have mild or moderately crowded teeth, or else have some minor spacing issues. These are custom-made, clear braces that cover the teeth and gently pull them into the proper position over time. Because they are clear braces, they can be taken on and off and are less noticeable than other traditional metal braces. These braces are made up of BPA plastic and are much more comfortable and are used by adults and teenagers to treat overbites, open bites, underbites, crossbites, and overcrowded teeth. 

  1. Invisalign or clear aligners are very easy to maintain in comparison to traditional ones. It is easy to remove them and gently brush them with toothpaste and warm water. 
  2. Invisible braces offer you the freedom to enjoy activities and ensure teeth repositioning and alignment progress. 
  3. Invisible braces look much better than all others as it helps you to hide your dental treatment as they are clear and transparent. 
  4. These braces are more comfortable and enable the wearer to remove the trays for eating, bruising, and flossing teeth. 

ConclusionIf you are looking into teeth straightening options, then you can opt for ceramic or invisible braces instead of traditional ones, as both offer many benefits. To understand well about which option suits you the best, it is necessary to know all about braces, their types, and their advantages. Book a visit to Thyme Dental Clinic Gurgaon as it is one of the best dental clinics that have a team of dental surgeons who work to provide you with satisfactory dental braces treatment at an affordable price. The clinic is equipped with the latest technology in dental services and offers unmatched dental care to patients. They provide total preventive care to patients, including regular checkups, regular cleaning visits along with many types of braces.

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