When is Wisdom Tooth Removal Necessary?

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Wisdom teeth are the last teeth that typically grow in the late teenage years of around 14-15 years followed by constant pain and inflammation in the mouth. As per the reports, one in every third person is impacted by the wisdom molar. The reason behind the impacted wisdom is the unideal jaw size which is not able to perfectly accommodate the last tooth. Mostly, the problems with wisdom teeth arise due to the complicated jaw space where they evolve by pushing their neighbouring teeth and grow at an angle, which increases the chance of tooth decay and damage to adjacent teeth. If the wisdom teeth don’t erupt then it’s fine but if it partially appears or gets stuck in the jaw, it may create other dental problems. So, to prevent other dental problems it is necessary to remove wisdom molars. Pulling out wisdom teeth does not cause any problems in the future. However, the decision to remove wisdom teeth should be based on the individual and their circumstances. Firstly, a person should understand when and why wisdom teeth should be removed. They need to understand the problems and the solutions to them. However, some of the problems with wisdom teeth partially appear, including gum infection, tooth decay, swallowing, and much more.

Exploring the article, you’ll get detailed information about wisdom teeth removal and the period when it becomes necessary to remove the wisdom teeth.

When To Remove Wisdom Teeth?

In some cases, wisdom teeth grow naturally and normally and don’t cause problems. If it is like that, then there are no problems and no need to remove them, but most professionals suggest removing the wisdom teeth to avoid any future complications. If the wisdom teeth don’t grow naturally and arise with constant pain, it is usually recommended to remove the wisdom teeth. The pain in the teeth is severe and constant, and a person finds it hard to chew food and perform other functions. When the pain in the wisdom teeth gets out of control over all the preventive measures, removing it is the only solution the dentist recommends. However, removing wisdom teeth also depends on many factors, like age, the angle of the teeth, and the condition of the surrounding teeth and gums. So, it is necessary to visit the dentist first for an inspection of your teeth and to finalise your need for removal. Dentists also suggest removing only the top wisdom teeth, but it also depends on the complication scenarios and individual desires.

Why It Is Necessary to Remove Wisdom Teeth

Damage to Teeth

As your permanent teeth are already in the right position, setting up the extra molars might force them to shift their position, which can cause pain, biting problems, or overcrowding. It also results in difficulty brushing, which eventually leads to tooth decay or tooth damage.

Sensitivity and pain

Lots of patients feel sensitivity and pain because of the impacted wisdom teeth, and whenever they experience it, they are more likely to have dental problems. So, to prevent sensitivity and pain in the mouth, the removal of wisdom teeth is necessary.

Inflammation in the gums

Gums always suffer through impacted wisdom teeth. When wrong-angled teeth cause the gums to swell and make it hard to clean, they are more susceptible to cavities or tooth decay. So, to get rid of all these problems, the removal of wisdom teeth is necessary.


The removal of wisdom teeth is not always necessary but is a preventive measure to avoid future complications in oral health. The decision to remove wisdom teeth should be based on the individual’s needs and under the guidance of a highly experienced professional. You can book an appointment at the Thyme Dental Clinic, where you can speak with a qualified dental professional who can recommend the best course of action.

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